Welcome back.

Welcome to all readers of my old blog.  In my new blog, I hope to share with you the joys of being a pastor.  This will be primarily through my sermons, which I plan to post in both audio and text format when possible.  There is no greater joy for a pastor than sharing the Gospel, whether it be through the sunday sermon, visitation to the sick and homebound, instructing young and old in the faith, or just talking to people and recognizing that God is giving you an opportunity to share the precious gift of the Good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.  I hope that this blog will capture for you just a bit of the excitement and joy I feel every time I am blessed to share God’s good news.

As the title of the blog indicates, I have been placed into the preaching office.  I humbly serve a congregation of saints in rural Wyoming, and I have been here for seven+ years.  I previously served in urban Chicago for six years.  The two parishes and cultures were very different.  The Gospel proclaimed is always the same.  It is the thing we most need in the world, and what God has privileged me to do with my days and years.

I will warn you now, I am a better pastor than I am a typist.  At least I pray that I am.  I would almost have to be.

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One Response to Welcome back.

  1. Looking forward to the new blog and being able to read your sermons. Going to miss Forest Boar’s rants. Perhaps the rants will make a cameo from time to time…

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