Advice for New Preachers

This time of year, blogs are filled with advice for new pastors, so I thought I would share a bit of wisdom that I have learned.

If there is an installation 70 miles from home two weeks before Easter, and you are taking three small children, but your wife is not able to attend, and you have two stoles that are the color of the season, always take the back up stole.  Do not take the one that matches the paraments in the congregation which you serve.  If you do, you will likely get distracted by the children (as good an excuse as any) and forget the stole, so that you will have to wear the “back up lenten stole” for the remainder of Lent, until you have a chance to pick up the primary stole at the spring pastor’s conference.

Pastoral advice I learned the hard way.

On the upside, your congregation will be very forgiving.  Your children will be the only ones to point out the discrepancy in styles.  Which thing they will do publicly.

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