Excellent Links

Are you preaching this Sunday?  Go to First Things and Read this.  If you are not, you may want to read it anyway.  Of course, if a person attends all the services for the week, they will likely hear about the body thing on Good Friday.  But since so many people only attend on Easter, you may want to remind them.

Pr. Feine, over at the High-Mid Life has a great post about the U-M campus ministry situation.  He comes to much the same conclusion that I did with my car story, but in a more theological way.

Great news from the Fort Wayne Seminary.  The list of nominees for Seminary President has been released.  I have seen several college and seminary presidential nominee lists in my time, and I can say without reservation, that I have never seen a list as strong as this one.  Is there anyone on that list who wouldn’t make a fine seminary president?  And how well does it speak of our seminary that of the 8 men named, 7 are currently professors at the seminary?  The future of our synod’s Fort Wayne seminary is indeed bright.  A testament to the fine work done over the last 16 years by Dr. Wenthe.

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