Advice for New Pastors 3

Read the Hammer of God.

There are days when you will think you are being a good Dean Falting.  You will later learn that you were being a Fridfelt.  There is nothing you can do to avoid this.  That is why God forgives pastors too.  It is also why you need a Father confessor.  If you are serious about being a seelsorger (curer of souls), you will not be able to bear the guilt of failure without one.  Because the souls of your people are your responsibility.  If When you mess up, you damage not a body, not a psyche, but a soul.  And when you cause damage because of your own sinfulness, you absolutely need to hear the word of Absolution, from the pastor as from Christ himself.

There is only one Shepherd in history who was able to avoid this truth.  He was a very Good Shepherd.  In fact, he was THE Good Shepherd.  You speak his word, but you are not him.  And part of learning to serve as a humble servant of the Good Shepherd is you, coming to grips with this reality.

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