Worthy of Double Honor

The more I hear from our new synod president, the more impressed I am.

First, notice the name of his blog.  “Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison.”  That tells you something right there.  Second, his latest post on the value of a seminary education and the continual need for pastors in the church is phenomenal.  He manages to explain the ongoing need without resorting to the cry “pastor shortage”, and manages to explain the financial realities without being pessimistic.  (As he points out in his post, exactly what job is a sure thing these days?)

My favorite line:

There is no need, I’m convinced, that the Missouri Synod should decline.

And you just have to respect a man that puts a picture from that great Lutheran Dr. Seuss in the post.  It really sets the proper tone.

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2 Responses to Worthy of Double Honor

  1. This call-deprived pastor would love to feel needed by his church.

    • Country Preacher says:

      The high number of CRM pastors is indeed a scandal. It is not addressed in the post. I don’t believe that it changes his primary thesis. It is a problem that must be dealt with, and soon.
      Unfortunately, I do not see a lot of urgency on this issue from the College of Presidents. However, as a related issue, the Presidents are very concerned with the high number of non-calling vacancies. Solving that problem may translate into a solution to the other. I pray that it does.

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