Sermon length – A Survey

I realize that length is no indicator of a good sermon.  But we want to avoid the extremes of, on the one hand, saying nothing, and on the other, boring our people so they learn to ignore there pastor when he speaks God’s word.  I always say that sermons are determined not be some pre-ordained indicator, but by how long it takes to explain God’s word in a given sunday.  It might be 45 minutes, or it might be only one sentence.  (To which one of my saints replied, “That wouldn’t even be worth shaving my legs for!”)  Yet, in general, I try to aim for a certain range of length for my sermons.  And, by and large, my sunday sermons fall within that range.

So, the survey on the sidebar : How long are your sermons? Pastors, how long do you usually preach on a Sunday morning.  Lay-people can answer too : How long are your pastors sermons on the average Sunday? (Note : Not how long you want them, or how long they feel:)  How much time does he spend expounding God’s Word on a Sunday morning from the pulpit?

I’m just curious.

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1 Response to Sermon length – A Survey

  1. dwcasey says:

    I’m a new LCMS member. Current sermons are about 15-20 mins and they are packed with Law and Gospel. My previous church/denom ( PCA ) they were 45-50 mins and were all over the place, sometimes Law, sometimes Gospel, sometimes neither ( seriously ).

    I prefer shorter with better content for a number of reasons. Preaching is one of many elements that make up the service and should not try to “hog” all the time.

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