If You Hated… You Might Like…

I’ve been neglectful of my blog-world friend(s) for too long.  Recently I began posting a series on Facebook that I like to call, “If you hated… you might like…”  It’s a take-off on the tendency of every website (Amazon, Netflix) to assume they can discern your interests based solely on the last thing you looked at.  I am doing the reverse.  Here is the series, so far, with hopes that I continue it (think up other ideas….)  Add your own to comments.  I may post them.

If you hated “The Shack”, you might love “The Hammer of God.”

If you hated, “The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper”, you might like “Dying to Live, the Power of Forgiveness.”

If you hated “The Purpose Driven Life”, you might love “The Spirituality of the Cross: the Way of the First Evangelicals.”

If you hated “Every Day A Friday”, you might love “A Little Book on Joy”

If you hated “Acquire the Fire”, you might love “Higher Things.”

If you hated “The Power of Simple Prayer” by Joyce Meyer, you might love “Lutheran Spirituality: Prayer” by John Kleinig.

More posts to come on a variety of topics.  But always focusing on the joys of being a simple country preacher.

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