Sermonus Blockus

It happens, every so often, that a pastor is totally blocked on sermon writing.  No ideas at all.  Nothing seems to click.  So what to do?  For the one-year guys, there is no better solution than this: Get Luther’s House Postils.  (The Klug translation is apparently out of print – a tragic loss.  You can still get it in a set w/ the Lenker Church Postils in the set.  A web search will turn up some other resources.  Good luck.)

Anyway, now that you have it, go through Luther’s sermon for the day.  Outline it.  (Summarize each paragraph in a sentence or two.)  You now have a well crafted fifteen minute sermon, and you have begun to learn how to write sermons like one of the great masters.  Repeat as necessary.

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1 Response to Sermonus Blockus

  1. jb says:

    Having stared at my monitor from Wednesday night after the Children’s Presentation, to 4 pm Christmas Eve, I can vouch for the condition, and worse. Exegesis was done, outline and theme, all the hymns all being hymns of the day, and still, I had zip. By 7pm, it was printed, run by my bride several times, the master in the briefcase and the “read it however many times till bedtime” copy on the shelf next to me. Don’t ask me how! 🙂

    But your suggestion is well-taken, and not merely for the younger brethren. I shall remedy any future predicaments on my next trip to the Fort’s Bookstore (which is going to be an expensive but joyous occasion).


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