But Don’t Answer the Question

Shortly after President Harrison took his courageous stand against both parties in his congressional testimony (One party for proposing to violate consciences, the other for attempting to extract a sound bite they could use to condemn the President), a friend from high school signed a petition on Facebook titled “Where are the women?”

I assumed it was an honest question, so I helpfully provided a link to the Sisters of Life statement, which is worth reading HERE.

Apparently, this was not a request for dialogue.  I was very abruptly unfriended.  That’s fine.  I survived for nearly 20 years after high school without knowing about his every move.  But I find it sad that there is really no dialogue in any of this, just a bunch of people shouting past each other.  Satan is very good as sowing discord and contention, even in the church.  Luther’s words on the fourth petition are as true now as they were when written:

But this petition is especially directed also against our chief enemy, the devil. For all his thought and desire is to deprive us of all that we have from God, or to hinder it; and he is not satisfied to obstruct and destroy spiritual government in leading souls astray by his lies and bringing them under his power, but he also prevents and hinders the stability of all government and honorable, peaceable relations on earth. There he causes so much contention, murder, sedition, and war, also lightning and hail to destroy grain and cattle, to poison the air, etc.In short, he is sorry that any one has a morsel of bread from God and eats it in peace; and if it were in his power, and our prayer (next to God) did not prevent him, we would not keep a straw in the field, a farthing in the house, yea, not even our life for an hour, especially those who have the Word of God and would like to be Christians.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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