Appalling and disgusting

In Virginia, there has been a controversy over a bill to require ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.  Seems sensible to me.  After all, an informed decision is a good thing. But apparently, not if it reduces abortions.  Opponents likened it to legalized rape, claiming that trans-vaginal ultrasounds would be required.  The bill was amended to specifically exclude them, and yet the bills opponents are still fuming about it being “tantamount to battery”.

All of which leads me to wonder, do these people have any idea exactly how an abortion is performed.  They don’t use a Star Trek transporter.  It’s not as if the baby just dissolves.  But the external ultrasound, that would be too violent.

We truly are living in the world of new-speak.

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3 Responses to Appalling and disgusting

  1. Heather Winter says:

    It is not medically necessary to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Studies have been done that indicate seeing an ultrasound doesn’t change a woman’s mind. If pro-lifers would like to reduce the amount of abortions they should treat the cause rather than the symptom. There is a lack of maternal support once the baby is born. There is the lack of health insurance. Schools are not funded properly. Trying to enforce the idea that a woman doesn’t know what she’s doing (as these ultrasound laws are intended to “inform”) is paternalistic. She already knows that given enough time the fetus inside her would grow into a baby. If the pro-life cause would join with the pro-choice cause we could seek to reduce the number of abortions by seeking improved access to birth control, improving the quality of life for all these potential babies, and improving access to healthcare. Instead these medically unnecessary ultrasound laws that seek to come between a woman and her doctor just seek to divide.

    • Country Preacher says:

      Right, It’s not. Which is why the law doesn’t require it, and specifically notes that it does not mean that.
      Also, it’s already a baby.

      • Heather Winter says:

        The law required to know the gestational age of the baby (or scientific term zygote) which at the age most abortions occur would require a transvaginal ultrasound, which is not medically needed.

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