Mongo Protect

A recent viral video shows how to defeat the TSA body scanners.  This was posted not because someone wants it to happen, but because the person who posted believes the body-scanners to be a violation of the rights of citizens. (Which it pretty clearly is). The TSA has wasted no time in responding to these allegations.

According to the TSA memo, the TSA scanners are “one of the best tools available to detect metallic and non-metallic items, such as… you know… things that go BOOM.”

A bit of advice. if you want people to take you seriously as security experts, it’s best not to sound like Mongo from Blazing Saddles.

Later, the TSA apparatchik want us all to “keep in mind that is optional. Anybody can opt out of the body scanner for a pat-down.”  That’s a little like saying being hung is optional.  You can choose being shot if you prefer.  The point is not the scanner itself.  The point is that the TSA believes the government has the right to either see you naked or molest you. This is certainly NOT what the framers had in mind when they said, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”  Notice that these are not rights granted by the government to the people, but rights inherent to the people which the government shall not trespass.

Unless you want to fly on a plane.  Or a take a train.  Or drive a car.  Go to a concert. Go to school.  Stay quietly in your home… once it begins, it never ends.

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