The Wisdom of Archie Bunker

In a famous episode ofAll in the Family, Gloria says to her father, Archie, “65 percent of the people murdered in the last 10 years were killed by hand guns.”  To which Archie replies, “Would it make you feel any better little girl, if they was pushed outta windows?”

Obviously the goal of the scene is to make Archie look silly.  That was actually the goal of the entire show.  But research into public policies since then has shown that Archie was not too far off the mark.  If you take guns away, people will use knives.  Some in Britain have suggested taking the sharp point off of knives.  It turns out, that street thugs in Britain have already turned away from knives to bottles. A recent column in the Daily Mail recounts the horrifying experience of one family.   The woman in the article moved to her current neighborhood after her husband was attacked.  We don’t have a lot of that in Wyoming. Here, the situation would play out differently. They attack him, he pulls out his concealed weapon and holds them until the police arrive.

And it turns out that the de-gunning has not effected the criminals.  In the article, she says that a woman in her neighborhood was shot at a year ago. I assume she does not mean with a Marshmallow.  The criminals still have guns. And when they don’t, they will make do with whatever weapons are available to inspire fear.  Her solution? Move farther out of the city.  That may work for another six years, until the thugs move farther out as well.  The government can not control the sinful impulses of people.  I can disarm the populace so they must live in fear.

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