Father Guarnizo Speaks

The priest that caused the scandal for upholding the historic practice of Closed Communion (Do they call it that in the Roman church?) has written a letter explaining his actions.  Read it HERE. (HT Mere Comments).

My favorite part:

If a Quaker, a Lutheran or a Buddhist, desiring communion had introduced himself as such, before Mass, a priest would be obligated to withhold communion.

While I obviously don’t care to have Lutheran used in the same sentence as Buddhist, I agree that he should not commune any of the people listed.  I do wonder if he included “Lutheran” because of the note I sent encouraging him.  You hate to be told “Good Job” by those who consider heretics.

Regardless, I appreciate that he recognizes the differences between our churches.  We do not believe, teach, and confess the same things.  We are not united.  Pretending we are would be unseemly.  Keep up the good work, Fr. Guarnizo.  I pray that you will be restored to your position soon, and that the divisions between our churches will be healed.

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