Liturgical Note

With all of the fancy processions coming up this weekend, it’s a good time to remind crucifers, acolytes, etc, that when one is carrying anything processional, one does not bow when reverencing the altar.  A small incline of the head is still appropriate, but do not tip the cross/banners/torches, etc. The cross does not tip ever, because it is the cross of our Lord.  It bows for no man. (Similar to the American flag.)  Torches should not tip because it can make a sticky wax mess.  Your altar guild will not be amused.  Banners should not tip because it looks silly, and they might touch the ground, which is not a desirous thing.

If your designated crucifer has trouble isolating the movement of the head from the rest of the torso, (many of them do) simply have them pause momentarily before entering the chancel.

Of course, once they put the crucifix/torch/banner in its place, they would then resume the practice of reverencing the altar whenever they cross center.

Thank you for your attention.  You may now resume your liturgical duties.


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