Let your Yes be Yes.

I know that God does not give his law for the purpose of later scientific discovery.  (Most often seen among those who note that ‘unclean’ animals really are less safe to consume) But God created the world to function in a certain way, and it is interesting to me when the Law of God is shown to have wisdom even according to human standards.

Jesus says, “Let you ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’, anything else comes from the evil one.”  In a recent article, we are told that one of the signs of lying is:

A Person Proclaims His Honesty Repeatedly

To sell us on the integrity of their answers, liars often use phrases emphasizing the validity of their statements, like “to tell the truth” and “to be perfectly honest.” These verbal tip-offs frequently invoke religion. Think of expressions like “I swear on a stack of Bibles” and “as God is my witness.” Most truthful people don’t need to go that far.

Read the whole thing HERE.  Again, nothing earthshaking in it, and we don’t need to belabor the point or extrapolate into deeper theological speculation, but when reading it, I was immediately reminded of our Lord’s word.

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3 Responses to Let your Yes be Yes.

  1. You mentioned those who note that unclean animals are less safe to consume, and I got to thinking something as I heard the Exodus 12 reading tonight. Trichinosis aside, the Lord commanded the people of Israel to roast the Passover lamb with its entrails still inside. As someone with considerable food safety experience, I can say that this is patently unsafe and poses enormous risk of foodborne illness — far worse than anything properly processed pork can do. Of course, this is the same Lord who delivered His people out of slavery by a series of miracles, so I’m not saying the Hebrew people were sickened. But it does counter the claim that the unclean animals were unclean because they posed greater risk of foodborne illness. Besides, did God teach His people germ theory and hygiene between Leviticus and Acts, when unclean foods were permitted? Because Louis Pasteur wasn’t born until 1822.

    • Country Preacher says:

      All true, but as I said, “I know that God does not give his law for the purpose of later scientific discovery.”

  2. I know you were neither espousing nor promoting that position, but it occurred to me last night that there was a counterargument I had neither considered nor heard before.

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