How Not to Stream TV Shows

As the name of my blog implies, I live in the country: 75 miles from the nearest TV station to be exact.  With the insane costs of Pay-for-TV, and the insanely low costs of Netflix streaming, I’ve gone to watching a lot of sequels and 80’s British TV series.

There are, however a few shows I enjoy that are on regular broadcast.  Since I can’t watch them on TV, I do so online.  But the number is very small.  Actually there is only 1 show that I bother with.  Every other show I would watch is on a stupid network.  What does it take to be a stupid network?

1. The commercial breaks are as long as on TV.  Impatient? Demanding?  Perhaps, but my time is valuable.  I will watch 60 second commercial breaks online.  2 1/2 minutes?  Nope.  Your show isn’t that good.

2. Make the ads in super high def so it burns lots of bandwidth and has to stop every four seconds.  Not everyone has 10,000 mbps bandwidth on their computer (especially in rural areas.)     My bandwidth is large enough to watch two different Netflix streams.   Your show?  Comes in fine.  The commercial?  Stops every four seconds.  No reason at all for this, except your own stupidity.  Give me a way to pick what bandwidth I want, so your 2 1/2 minute commercial doesn’t take five minutes.

3. No pause button during commercials.  I know, you don’t want us messing with your revenue stream.  But since it only plays four seconds at a time, I get kind of tired of waiting for it, and might want to go and come back later.  Can’t do that either.

4. I watched half the show, thought, “I have to go, I will come back and watch it later.”  Except you wanted me to go through every commercial break again in its entirety.  It’s like you don’t want me to watch it online.  So, I didn’t.  (Im talking to you CW and FOX).

Only one network (Hint: Owned by Disney) seems to get the very basics of the economic model that is needed.  The others apprently want me to just wait until it goes into syndication and gets picked up by Netflix.  You want online viewers now?  Then you better make it fit in with my TV watching habits, which include:

Using lots of bandwidth in several rooms.  Make the resolution adjustable.  Especially for commercials.

Not expecting to spend 1/4 of the time watching commercials.  Sorry, but that model died when Tivo came into play.  It’s just not going to happen anymore.  Get over it and move on.

Ability to skip around from section to section easily.  I am generation X.  I have a short attention span.  I fit your show in somewhere between dinner, taking my kids to dance class, and helping them with homework.  I have ten minutes at a time.  Make it easy to watch, or I’ll just turn on that fascinating british detective from 1986 for a few minutes.  “I say old chap, I think he’s dead!”  Classic.


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