What’s worse than “The Worst”?

In The great state of Massachusetts, one of the candidates for the US Senate has been criticized for claiming minority status as a law professor, even tough she is only 1/32 Native American.  (Her great-great-great grandparent) Her opponents are saying she did it to get positions at coveted law schools (She taught at Harvard) that would be more willing to hire a minority than a white person.

Now, we’ve all messed up various bureaucratic forms, and said or done things we later regretted.  The best answer to this would be, “In my family we have always been proud of our ancestry, and so I thought it was more important then perhaps it was.  I am proud of all the people who work together and live together in America no matter what their background.  Now, let’s all have some apple pie.  It’s on the table next to the American flag.  Let’s eat the pie and watch the baseball game, while I cuddle with my new puppy.”  That’s what you say.

What you don’t say is:

In the words of Heinz Doofenschmirtz, “That doesn’t even make any sense!” You got caught using a race you barely have to get a job, and then claimed that you were insecure, and afraid to play on the playground.  I mean, you’ve already committed an  error.  Now you are compounding it with stupidity.  I’m sure it sounded good in your head, but you really need to run these things by your campaign manager before you say them.  It just can’t possibly get worse.

Please tell me she didn’t.

As SNL said in a mock debate during the Bush-Dukakis election, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy.”

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