About Time

Every year since my ordination, I receive a paper form called “Congregational Statistics Report.”  Most years I fill it out (Eventually) and mail it in.  I envision two extremely elderly ladies, carefully opening each form, and entering the information in large leather-bound ledgers.

For years I have been saying that this should be automated.  Send each congregation a card with their ID number and password, and let them enter the data online.  Of course, then Mabel and Muriel would be out of a job, and we do love those two old ladies, but progress is progress. (At least in my head, that’s how it plays out.  Much weeping into their kerchief’s -which they have pulled from their full length Victorian dress sleeves – that they have been axed by the heartless silicon revolution.)

Today, I received a form from the Home office with… an ID # and password to enter my congregational statistics online.  Ta-da.  Done and done.  Beautiful.  Way to go “Office of Rosters and Statistics.”

PS.  I hope that Mabel and Muriel at least got a nice retirement party…

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