HIPAA: Now With More Killing Of the People!

From the moment it took effect, Pastors have complained that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Something Something… Pastors can’t find out who’s sick anymore) made it much harder for pastor’s to do their job.  I’ve heard horror stories of family being told that their loved one was not even in the hospital because said loved one checked the wrong privacy box on the form.  Pastor’s have been turned away from critically ill patients and threatened with physical removal from the hospital should they attempt to do their job.  (To say nothing of being told that I could not access my own child’s medical records because an overzealous clerk thought that’s what the law said.)

Now it turns out that the draconian privacy regulations are also hurting doctor’s ability to do research.  Stewart baker over at the Volokh Consipracy has the details.

Let’s review:

HIPAA bad for families? Check.

HIPAA bad for pastors? Check.

HIPAA bad for research? Check.

HIPAA causing unnecessary suffering? Check.

This means it’s only a matter of time before Congress decides to “strengthen the privacy protections of HIPAA.”

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