Post-SCOTUS thoughts: Man on the Street Edition.

Since we are now all constitutional scholars, I thought I would add my two cents.

Am I disappointed in the outcome?  Yes.

Is this a totally unprecedented expansion of Congress’ taxing power?

Reviewing last year’s tax return,

I must grudgingly admit, he might have a point.  Would “#54: Broccoli” really be all that different from all the other stuff?


It turns out, the commerce and spending clause have limits.  Really? That’s new. (At least, in the last 60 years…)

Did he really tell us that we  should elect a different president?

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Yes, I believe he did.

Did Ginsburg (Yes Ginsburg) all but say that the HHS contraception mandate would not pass constitutional muster?

A mandate to purchase a particular product would be unconstitutional if, for example, the edict impermissibly abridged the freedom of speech, inter­fered with the free exercise of religion, or infringed on a liberty interest protected by the Due Process Clause.

It sure sounds like it.  I’m not pleased, but this is definitely NOT a slam dunk win for the progressive agenda.

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