Wisdom from Chpl. Weedon (Actually from Luther)

Chaplain Weedon has posted a quote from Luther’s Large Catechism about Sanctification.  As I noted in the comments on his blog, it makes a useful antidote to various so-called Lutheran essays on the topic that crop up on the internet from time to time.  Since I know he won’t mind (and since the original is from Luther) I repost it here in it’s entirety.  Or read it on his blog HERE.

While sanctification has begun and is growing daily, we expect that our flesh will be destroyed and buried with all its uncleanness. Then we will come forth gloriously and arise in a new, eternal life of entire and perfect holiness. For now we are only half pure and holy. So the Holy Spirit always has some reason to continue His work in us through the Word. He must daily administer forgiveness until we reach the life to come. At that time there will be no more forgiveness, but only perfectly pure and holy people. We will be full of godliness and righteousness, removed and free from sin, death, and all evil, in a new, immortal, and glorified body. [Large Catechism III:57]


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