Wreck-it-Ralph on Vocation

I’m always on the lookout for movies with strong theological overtones. (A dead giveaway that I’m a pastor.) Now, of course, every story is either an account of the fall, or redemption, so in a sense every movie has theological overtones.

But few explain the doctrine of vocation as clearly as the recent Disney film Wreck it Ralph.  Not since The Incredibles have we seen such a clear exposition of the biblical teaching that God gives us certain duties according to the offices we hold.  In the case of Wreck it Ralph, he wrecks things. Specifically, he tears down the building that others live in. Now, of course, in the real world such conduct would be a violation of the seventh commandment.  But in video game world, if he does not do this – and he does not want to – the video game gets unplugged, and everyone loses their home. (*SPOILER ALERT*)  Eventually, the residents recognize his contribution to their own well being.  Ralph also recognizes that, as unglamorous as his work may be (he ends up thrown off a building into a mud puddle at the end of the game) his work keeps everyone employed and with a home. In addition, the worst part of his job – the “thrown off the roof” moment, is the moment he gets to see the little girl he saved from certain doom enjoy the new life he earned for her when he was willing to sacrifice himself on her behalf.

In fact, the doctrine of vocation is so explicit int his film, I was tempted to order it for our own church library.  Well done, Disney.

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