Convention 2013

As one of my friends noted, having Facebook replace the word “convention” with a brick to the back of the head makes for a much easier life these days. But as someone who has seen many a convention go by, this is the one with the least politicking over elections.  The nominations are strong, and so the synod can do it’s work there without much fussing.

The area of great discussion this time will be resolutions. The largest issue before the convention is Article 14 of the Augustana, which was de-facto amended by the 1989 convention. No other issue has as many overtures addressed to it as this one. This synod must make a stand either for or against. If for… well, I don’t like to think about it.

If against, then the synod should allow a process (SMP would be most likely) for admitting these men to the pastoral office. This will cause the least disruption and be the gentlest transition for those districts where it is practiced. The timetable for this process MUST be shorter than three years, so that future conventions can not extend it. The practice must end.

My $.02

My thoughts on a couple of more obscure resolutions are coming.

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