Controversy in Laramie

I somehow missed this. Apparently, a woman received an online threat that then led to a protest and national coverage. Except, now the police have ticketed the woman for making the threat against herself.

And all of this happened in my own little state, and only one town over from where I live (In Wyoming-speak, that means about 80 miles SW). The best analysis of all this silliness comes from Althouse. She is one of the best at  commenting on silliness.

A selection:

Feeling safe? You want to feel safe? You need to be vigilant about the people who manipulate you with the idea of your feelings of safety, especially when they cite this aspect of your feelings to keep you from becoming vigilant about those who are scaring you with a photoshopped picture of what’s really dangerous in this world. You should want to be safe, not just feel safe.

Read the whole thing HERE.

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