There’s No Such Thing As Government Overreach

An opinion piece today in the NY Times suggests that blister packaging should be used on Tylenol to reduce suicides. The theory is that people who only sort-of want to commit suicide won’t go through the trouble of removing them from blister packs.

I remember when child-proof caps were all the rage. If you wanted pain medication without it – for example, if you had arthritis and therefore could not open the package with the medicine you needed to treat the arthritis so you could open packages – you were out of luck. Now, they sell it “arthritis friendly” packaging. This packaging comes with a warning that it is “not for households with young children.” This is as things should be. Making it so that those who most need pain relief can no longer get to the pain relief is not only short-sighted, it’s cruel. Such reasoning is not, as the writer suggests, “feeble”.

He wants us to “consider the data” in England, where they only have blister packs. I assume he means the study he mentions first, not the one from Ireland that found no difference.

I despise blister packaging. They make children’s tablets that way. Huge, instant dissolve ones. You can not get them out of the packaging without reducing them to dust, unless you cut them out with a sharp knife. Of course, given the number of stabbings and accidental cuttings, it won’t be long before someone suggests that knives should be sold dull. 

Which has already been recommended in England.

Pretty soon, they’ll be coming for out windows.*

*Archie Bunker reference, in honor of Jean Stapleton, who died this weekend at age 90.


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