Six of One…

Secretary Napolitano assures Americans that the NSA snooping program is not at all like “1984”. That would be bad. This program is good.  A bi-partisan collection of senators speaks out telling us no rights are being violated. It’s not only good, it’s doubly good. Indeed, we are assured by those in the intelligence community, this program has stopped numerous terror attacks. Which makes it not only doubly good, but doubly good plus 1. The news media, informed of this new perspective, takes immediate corrective action in its reporting. No longer will this be referred to as “1984-esque snooping.” From henceforth it will be known as a “Double-plus-good public safety operation.” I’m not sure where I can register that I don’t feel tremendously comforted by all of this, but the men in dark suits knocking on my door assure me that they already know.

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