We the People…

What an absolute delight to see the Republican political establishment lining up behind reliable-workhorse-but-not-standout Senator Enzi. Everyone, from the NRCC to the state’s entire congressional delegation (which totals three people, including Senator Enzi) have announced their support for him, telling us that Liz Cheney is a “shiny new pony” (Lummis) and that this is the “wrong race at the wrong time.” (Barrasso)

But there are a few things that the political elite need to keep in mind:

1) Just because someone has served, does not mean they should continue to serve.

2) There is not “right” to serve as a Senator. It is a position of service, not a political honorific.

3) The people of the state of Wyoming will determine exactly what relationship candidate Cheney and Senator Enzi will have to us in the future.

4) Your opinion matters exactly the same as mine, once we get to election day. We each get one vote.

5) I think that Senator Enzi will be returned to office for another term. But that is not for Washington Elites to decide.

6) Whether he should be elected for another term is a different topic entirely. One that will be discussed very openly during this election season. And that’s a GOOD thing for our state and country, not a bad thing.

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