Short Fiction Story

I thought I’d try my hand at a short science-fiction story. Any resemblance to any real persons is purely coincidental. The scene is an economic summit (called the H-21 summit) between various nations on the Planet “Mearth”

Plutin: Why should we help you clean up your own blunder?

Ohama: Because if you don’t, we go to war with Seeria, Irahn gets involved, and we both know how close they are to getting the bomb. Do you want an unpredictable nuclear Irahn at war? This way, you keep your finger on the button.

Plutin: Ok, so what would I have to do.

Ohama: In about a week, my secretary of state will mistakenly say that if Seeria gives up it’s chemical weapons, we won’t bomb them.

Plutin: You sure you don’t want Bliden to say ii? He says stupid stuff like that all the time.

Ohama: No, it needs to be someone with a shred of credibility. So, after he says this, we will say, “It’s not an offer. It was a mistake.” Meanwhile, Essad will say that Rusha can have them in exchange for promises from us that we leave him alone. Eventually, we reluctantly agree. We don’t have to help Al-Kida. You get to be the international hero.  We look like clowns for bit, but at least we’re off the six o’clock news about it. Your influence in the region is expanded even further.

Plutin: I’ll suggest it to Essad. I think he might go for it.  He wasn’t using them anyway, and it’s taking a lot of men to guard them so they don’t fall into enemy hands. This frees up lots of battlefield troops for him, so it’s win-win.

Ohama:  Exactly.  Then I can tell the Samerican people that we would have gone to war, but we listened to their opinions, and so we’ve negotiated a peaceful settlement because of how awesome we are. My approval ratings go through the roof.

Plutin: And they’ll believe you?

Ohama: Oh yes. Heck they elected me a second time, didn’t they?

Plutin: I can’t believe we lost the Cold war.


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1 Response to Short Fiction Story

  1. jb says:

    Only the names have been changed to protect the accused. Heh!

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