Christmas Program

Are you looking for a good Christmas program that doesn’t water down the faith so much that you can’t even tell what’s left? Are you a pastor of a small parish, and you think “Those programs are so expensive, and we don’t have enough kids to pull them off anyway.” Do you want a program that teaches the faith while still giving parents the “Awww” factor, is entirely customizable and (most importantly) is FREE!

Well friend, this is your lucky day. It’s called “The Promised Savior”. It teaches the very basics of the Christmas Story for a small group of children, it can be changed in any way you want, it costs you nothing, and the very littlest kids say, “She brought forth her first born Son, and wrapped him in swadlling clothes and laid him in a manger…” which makes every adult in the room go “Awww”.

You can download it HERE, but there is a catch. It’s a zipped file, and I can’t upload one of those to WordPress. So, it will appear as a *.doc file. Change the extension to *.zip, unzip it, and you have a series of word files that you may edit as you see fit. Change hymns, reassign readings, cut sections, add things, do what you want, because it’s your parish. You know what you need to do better than I do.

I ask only that, should you use it, you comment on this post and tell me how it went.


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