Bar Tunes?

I received this from the admissions office of one of our Concordia’s. I have redacted the names and faces, because, as you will note, the person in question is only a sophomore (likely under age 21), and he is clearly playing music in a local tavern. I didn’t want to get either him or the school in trouble for promoting underage drinking.

This isn't worship

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3 Responses to Bar Tunes?

  1. Michael Manz says:

    Interesting that this “unknown” Concordia also promotes their 38-rank Casavant Frères organ in their advertisement…


    • Country Preacher says:

      I debated deleting that bit, too. I figured if someone wanted to find out that badly which it was, they would certainly figure it out whether I deleted it or not.

  2. Matt says:

    Why do you assume it is a tavern? Here in our town we have a number of restaurants that hire young bands (often late high school or early college) to play. Many of the restaurants have sports bars or something similar so they also have neon beer signs around. It might not be the picture I would have included in a brochure for a Christian school but it would seem to be going too far to say they are promoting under age drinking.

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