Country Parson Visits the Big City

People! Cars! Restaurants! Neon Signs! Electricity! Indoor Plumbing! Streets Paved With Gold! Who knows what wonders await the country parson in the big city. Not just a big city, but *the* big city. The Big Apple itself. At the October pastor’s conference, the Wyoming District Pastors voted to head off to the Atlantic District to discuss differences in doctrine and practice that exist between us. This is being handled (and funded) through the Koinonia project, with a grant from outside to cover costs above and beyond what we normally pay for conferences. (Granny’s offerings aren’t paying for it.) What Doctrinal Differences? Good question. I’m waiting to hear. What format will we use to identify, discuss, and (Deo Volente) hopefully come to doctrinal agreement on these issues? It hasn’t been decided yet. But according to early reports, both sides are insisting that the topic be substantive theological dialogue.

And so the die is cast. The Rubicon has been crossed. The orders have been given. The meatloaf is in the oven.

Speaking for myself, I’m more excited than a bunch a parents watching mutton busting.  After a decade of both districts asking for the opportunity to talk theologically, it sounds like the moment has finally arrived.

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