The Thrivent, They Are A Changin’

Thrivent is changing the way they do things. The “Chapter” system of yore is being done away with. Somehow, discontinuing Thrivent chapter meetings will lead to more involvement in Thrivent by Thrivent members. (Makes perfect sense, right?) They held a meeting/dinner to explain all the wonderful new things that would happen as a result of the new system.

When I arrived at church this morning, I saw this:

Thrivent Meeting

I assumed it meant “The cross + Thrivent dollars + Love = happy people”. At bible class, one of my members let me know that I was not far off. (It’s “happy community”, but that’s pretty close.)

However, apparently the meeting as a whole did not go so well. How well did it not go?

Someone said that, the way they were describing the new system, you could get Thrivent to sponsor burning crosses on neighbor’s lawns. (Something to which this person rightly was opposed.)

The Thrivent representative said that he had done 11 presentations in 3 days. I’m guessing this was the only one to suggest that Thrivent was now in league with the Ku Klux Klan.  No matter how you figure it, that’s a meeting that went poorly.

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