Feeling Like the Dickens

Since my awesome wife has been promoted to general manager of the local paper, but there is currently no editor to actually produce the paper, she is doing that job as well. (She’s actually doing five different jobs right now, but that’s another story). To help out I’ve been doing some spot article work.

Tonight I went to a local meeting, and was getting ready to write a report, when I asked, “How much do I get paid for the hour and a half I spent there?” She said that it’s not by the hour, it’s by the word. (Which is how Charles Dickens was paid for his work. Which to me is pretty obvious when you read him, and why I don’t care for his work.) Here’s the first sentence for my article. By the way, it was a zoning board meeting.(147 words, baby!):

When in the course of human events, two competing parties approach the government for redress of grievances, who determines whether those grievances indeed rise to a level sufficient for governmental interference, and having made such a determination, how does a just government, and the officials that serve thereunto, insure with certainty that all decisions are at all times equitable, properly measuring the competing claims of justice, weighing carefully the evidence regarding the proposed course of action, properly placing such evidence on the scales of justice, and then rendering a decision which takes into account all the evidence presented, all the factors which should influence the decision, while laying aside those factors which should not influence that decision, and then arriving at a decision that will aid and benefit the entire community, without trampling the inalienable rights of a minority, even should that minority be one lone voice?

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