I once read the wrong Old Testament reading. When I read it again the following week, only one family noticed.

Then there was the time I was so excited about preaching on the Gospel reading that I forgot to confess the creed. Everyone noticed that one.

Or the time (at a pastor’s conference, no less) when I got a little too flowery with language, and ended up with a long convoluted sentence that boiled down to the following subject-verb-object: Mary saves us.

But by far, the best/worst mistake was just a few weeks ago. We had been talking about the Divided kingdom – Judah and Israel – for the whole bible class. We ended the class with the Lord’s Prayer. Except on the last petition, where I said, “Deliver us from Israel.” There’s just no where to go after that. The solemnity of the moment was ruined, and was not coming back.

So, pastors, what was your best/worst mistake in a congregation (that you are willing to admit to publicly)? And don’t worry, we won’t judge. Well, not a lot…

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