Hypocrisy at A&E?

When a politician accidentally accepts a donation from a source that later turns out to be objectionable/undesirable, he will return the money, or if it is not possible to do so, donate that amount to a charity. This isn’t just extra money  lying around campaign hedquarters. This is “keeping my job” money. And yet politicians understand that taking/keeping funds from an objectionable source would be wrong.

A&E recently suspended it’s largest star and biggest cash cow, because of comments that, they say, were objectionable. And yet, that apparently only applies to future seasons of the show. They have a new season ‘in the can’ and ready to air, and are still planning a Duck Dynasty marathon. They are still raking in millions of dollars in DVD sales.

If A&E network executives were truly offended, if they found that the source of this money was so tainted that they had to totally disassociate from those remarks,  you would think that, at the very least, the marathon would be cancelled. Perhaps DVD sales suspended, and the DVD’s recalled. Maybe donate the money that they have earned from all of this to charity. After all, their hands are dirty in this. They have profited from the alleged bigotry of the Duck Dynasty cast. Reparations must be made.

Somehow, I think none of that will happen. Why? They are responding to the loud screams of a vocal minority, and want to placate. They actually have no specific morality or scruples associated with this. If they did, they would immediately cut off all contact, and get rid of the tainted money. But they will not – they can not – do so. They answer ultimately to the owners of the network. The network owners don’t care about controversy, they own A&E to make a profit. And, love them or hate them, Duck Dynasty makes huge profits for the owners. I suspect that DVD’s are now flying off the shelves in protest of A&E’s suspension. A&E gets a cut. Money in the bank for them. Will A&E stand up and say, “We are so offended by the comments that not only is Phil Robertson suspended, but any profits from DVD sales during that suspension will be donated to <Insert Charity Here>”?

I’ll just wait here for A&E’s statement. But for some reason, I think I won’t hold my breath.

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