The Tune Changes

For the last couple of years, the standard line has been, “Your life will not be negatively affected in any way.” Those words are not mine, they are from Same-Sex Marriage advocate Jessica Gearson, over at HuffPo.

After all, don’t we want all people to be equal? Don’t we want all people to be able to find love? And, denying that, when it doesn’t affect you at all, is just bigoted. It’s mean. You’re being a big religious bully. Let us live our lives in peace.

But, that was never what was sought. What the Same-Sex marriage advocates have wanted all along is to marginalize and stigmatize anyone who disagrees with them. And that includes those who might have no problem with according the civil status of marriage on their Same-Sex partner friends, but who personally believe that homosexuality is a sin. Because you can not say or even imply that my behavior is a sin. You can not judge my conduct in any way. Everything I do must be affirmed as right, not just be society and the law, but by you personally.

Oregon is considering a  same-sex marriage law, and also an exemption, so that those who own businesses don’t have to violate their conscience by taking pictures for, baking cupcakes for etc. same-sex marriages.

From Reuters:

(James Esseks of the American Civil Liberties Union) called religious exemptions a “Plan B” strategy to “carve out a space where gay people’s equality does not affect the way these other folks live their daily lives.”

So, it won’t affect you, until it does. It is just people trying to live their lives in peace, until it isn’t. Its  about everyone being treated equally, except those who aren’t.

The march to Sodom and Gomorrah continues unabated.

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