Thrivent: Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence

Unless you are 1) Not Lutheran or 2) Have been living under a rock. In a cave. On Mars. With your fingers in your ear, you probably have heard of the kerfuffle that Thrivent started by 1) Funding Planned Parenthood through employee match programs and then 2) Reversing course and pulling all funding from crisis pregnancy centers. (Interesting, isn’t it that in their minds the “opposite” of supporting struggling mothers is paying for abortion.)

Today on Facebook, they asked:

Just as Olympic athletes need commitment and perseverance to reach their athletic goals, achieving financial goals also requires lots of hard work and dedication. What’s your best tip for staying disciplined in your financial goals?

So, I helpfully answered:

Don’t have kids. What a money pit they are: diapers, clothes, shoes, food, braces, cars, college. Yeesh! Use contraception is possible, abortion if necessary, but don’t have kids. Thank, you Thrivent for no longer supporting those Crisis pregnancy centers that give frightened young women alternatives to abortion. They will absolutely ruin the financial future of those young women, or perhaps a family that would have adopted that baby. Keep up the good work. Signed, Screwtape.

Wonder how long it will be before they delete the comment…

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