This week marks the fortieth anniversary of the “death” of Concordia Seminary. Forty years ago this week, the brave souls who dared to defy the authority of the nefarious Preus brothers bravely called every network news station in Saint Louis, were exiled bravely quit their jobs, bravely walked out of the seminary forever, and then bravely walked back in for lunch. After lunch they bravely founded SEMINEX! Unlike Concordia Seminary (which as I mentioned before was totally dead) Seminex bravely continues to this day as the sign on a door at LSTC, which reads “Lutheran School of Theology Chicago: Containing the facilities of Christ Seminary – Seminex. (At least it was there a decade ago when I stopped by. O how I wish I had gotten a picture.) If you try searching on the LSTC website for “Seminex” today, you only find obituaries.

Which brings me to this awesome quote about Seminex from Dr. Cameron Mackenzie, professor at the Fort Wayne Seminary:

The ironic thing is that with all that brain power and all that intelligence, they name themselves after something that means, in Latin ‘half-dead’.

And doesn’t that just say it all?

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