A Fable

homer_simpson_xrayTwo school administrators were talking. One was very sad and confused.

“What seems to be the problem?” said his friend.

“We’re having a problem at my school.”

“Tell me what it is, maybe I an help.”

“Ok,” replied the first. “How do you handle students as sporting events? We’ve done everything we can to try and find a compromise on this. We’ve created a student section, for only students, we’ve explained the rules, we’ve even called in police officers to try and keep order, but it doesn’t matter. Students just keep standing up to cheer during games.”

And the second administrator, who was not a bureaucrat at heart, but was actually a wise and perceptive person said, “So, did everything you just said sound as stupid to you as it did to me?”

And the first school administrator, who had filed one too many government reports, said “You’re right. We’ll pass a bond issue to pay for outside consultants to study the issue, then we’ll pass their recommendations on to a faculty review committee, which will evaluate and propose changes to a study group, who will refer them to a blue ribbon panel, which will then undertake a feasibility assessment before reporting to the school board, which will make a decision, subject to the mandated thirty-day waiting period. Thanks! I feel a lot better.”

The Moral of the story: Some people just won’t be helped.

This doesn’t make our town look good, does it? 

UPDATE: I just realized that most of the article is behind a paywall. But yes, there was a committee that had meetings and decided that students can not stand up at sporting events, because it might block the view of those behind them. There is a student section where students can stand up and cheer. That’s the improved version. In the past they didn’t even have that. There is a “No standing” policy for our town’s sporting events. The “best” quote, which is behind the paywall, came from the school’s principal:

And I was really proud of our student section that night. When I asked them to sit down and when I explained to them stand up when it’s exciting and then sit back down so people can see. They did it.

So apparently, the kids who were kicked out of the game for standing, were standing when it wasn’t exciting enough to justify standing.

I mean…

it’s just…

do they….


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