What to Use This Year…

LutherSealColor_BigFor many pastors, one of the annual rituals is finding a new set of catechetical materials to try out. The new catalogs arrive, the materials promise “success!” and with a hopeful heart the pastor orders, only to find that once again the children are listless, and the instruction doesn’t seem to connect. A year of struggle ensues for both pastor and catechumens. The pastor is sustained only by the hope that perhaps next year will yield better materials, better results, better… something.

I can’t claim that “Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish” will solve all the problems that arise, but I will say that, for me, it solved the problem of the annual hunt for “materials that connect and engage catechumen and catechist.” The pastors that field tested them have been very positive about them. One of my field testers even made handouts for parents for each session, and let me include those. Another offered to do any reviews/publicity I might need from him. Why? Because they wanted to get it into as many parishes as possible, and make it as useful as possible for as many pastors as possible. The field testers, who are already doing me a huge favor, are excited to help distribute and make these materials successful, because they are excited about using them.

You say you want to know more? Check back in from time to time. I’m putting together some introductory materials to give you a taste. They will be on my blog as we move closer, along with details for getting your hands on copies as soon as they are available. I will also have some materials you can edit and personalize to make this “just right for your parish.” Those will also be available on my blog.

PS. These will be available in plenty of time to review and do prep work for next fall. Hopefully by May 1.

PPS. And they’ll be available at a price that won’t “break the bank”.

PPS. Yes, even at your small, cash-strapped parish.

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