Political Prisoners? Of Course Not.

120928123202-nakoula-basseley-nakoula-1-story-topThe indefatigable Mollie Hemmingway has a great article over at the Federalist (actually all her articles are great, but this one is too) about the recent guilty plea of Dinesh D’souza who faces up to sixteen months in prison for the dangerous and destabilizing crime of contributing too much to a Senate Candidate that failed to win the election. (Apparently, if you want to buy off a senate candidate or president, make sure they WIN the election.) Because while congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech, they can totally make laws about helping others to speak.  (Would that the Supreme Court respected the plain text of the constitution as much as they do the unwritten penumbras and emanations.)

But I wondered what seemed familiar about this whole thing.

Perhaps it was THIS. Or THIS. Or perhaps THIS. Or maybe THIS.

It seems that we are absolutely fascinated with the restrictions on political activity in Russia, as if they are only half-a-step from the era of Lenin or Stalin. The media like nothing more than reporting anything remotely like political oppression there. But our Sacred Republic? Why, we don’t have anything like political prisoners in the good ol’ USA. That would be CRAZY. Totally CRAZY.

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