Good Bye, Good Blog.

Good byeThe end of Chaplain Weeodn’s blog gives one pause for thought. It was always filled with little golden nuggets: gems of the day from the fathers, both patristic and Lutheran, as well as modern theologians. It was on my blog favorites list for years. Now, he announces that the blog is ending. A sad day.

But his comment that caught my eye was this: “FB has triumphed.” I suppose that’s true. I cross-post everything from my blog onto FB.

But there is still a role, I believe for well-considered blog posts. Perhaps it is a sign of how quickly our attention span has been reduced that I say this, but blogs offer a chance for a more reasoned and considered reflection than does Facebook. Blogs allow for longer posts, with more developed thought.

I know that the “golden age of blogging” has passed. It lasted but a moment. But I am sad to see Chaplain Weedon’s blog go. Like many others, I hope he reconsiders.

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One Response to Good Bye, Good Blog.

  1. Tom Denniston says:

    Excellent blog, food for thought, and increased understanding! Thank you. Tom Denniston, OSLC Torrington

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