Koinonia Project: Deleted Scene

free-vector-movie-clapper-board-clip-art_105812_Movie_Clapper_Board_clip_art_hightAs directors will often say on the DVD commentary, “I really liked this scene, but it just didn’t fit in with the overall narrative arc.” This was a bonus moment, New York saying, “Hey Country Parson, welcome to the big city.” After our trip to ground zero, we had the option of walking about half a mile to True Light Lutheran Church in Chinatown. Pastor Staneck, who serves as the pastor of True Light, was given the unenviable task of keeping about forty pastors together in a group through half-a-mile of big city – the churchly equivalent of herding squirrels. To help keep the herd together, there was a sign on a stick. Pastor Staneck held the stick aloft, so that all the squirrels could see and follow him. After about three blocks, he noticed that we were getting strange looks. Then it hit him. He was leading a group of pastors past the site for “Occupy Wall Street”, while holding a sign in the air. The residents of New York City thought we were protesting something. And just what were we protesting? See if you can figure it out. Here’s what was on the sign: WMLT Most assumed that were just bad at protesting and looked away before we tried to shout at them. But one fellow was convinced that this was some sort of important protest, and, as we were nearing the U.S. Courthouse, that we were violating the separation of church and state. He seemed like perhaps (as I explained to my congregation) “he had visited Colorado recently for medicinal purposes”. Crazy GuyFor about two blocks, he kept looking back shouting incoherent things at Pastor Staneck. Unflappable, Pastor Staneck managed to keep the situation well in hand. He spoke back just often enough to keep the rantings from escalating, and spoke in a calm enough manner to let him know we were no threat to him, or to his right as an American to jump to the wrong conclusion. I also learned a valuable lesson from Pr. Staneck: If they are talking to you, even if it is incoherent, they aren’t dangerous. Good to know. It was also nice that he was able to not only keep this unfortunate man calm, but a country parson as well. Good job all around. If I ever need squirrels herded, I know who to call.

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