Five Days!

Luther2Five days and counting until the release of “Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish.” The content is finished. Proofing is (I hope!) done. Now it’s about fussy and fiddling final things. Margins for the editable worksheets, final versions for upload, cover specs for the Lulu version, etc. And, because I am in rural American, I am waiting for my internet connection to decide whether it will work today or not. (Good News – Today the answer is YES!)

My editor/graphic artist/layout/behind-the-scenes-guru is on her final task. Once that is finished, I just need to figure out how to work with the chosen data distribution company. Then it’s ready.

If all goes well, we might even pre-release two days early on Friday. That should be plenty of time for you to order, receive, review, and plan for next year’s catechetical program at your church. And at the low-low cost of only $19.99, (with no other workbooks to buy ever!), it’s the most affordable program around.

If you haven’t checked out the samples yet, head on over to I’m hoping to have some reviews soon as well. Check back here (or there) for more details.


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