It’s Here!

Luther2Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish is now available in a limited and exclusive pre-release. (Doesn’t that sound fancy? You must order before Sunday in order to be in the “Pre-release Club.”)

Thanks to the tireless work of my design/layout/editing guru Mrs. Kris Brown, it is ready four days ahead of schedule, and is now available for download or order.

For the low-low price of $19.99, you get the entire curriculum, with no other workbooks or student manuals to buy – ever! The downloadable zip file contains:

Teach Thesis Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish in a printable PDF.

The Two and One Year Syllabus in editable PDFs.

Handouts with editable reading and memory work sections.

The Hard-copy (only $33.99) contains all of the same resources, with reproducible handouts and syllabi. (They are also editable, but you need to buy a bottle of liquid paper and a pen.)

PLUS! If you act now, both versions contain reproducible Worship / Sermon Reports.

How much would pay for all of this?

Don’t answer yet, because you will also have access to our world-class customer service department to answer any questions you might have. Ok, it’s an email address. But I promise to answer any questions you may have.

How much is your congregation’s budget for materials (workbooks, student manuals, etc. PLUS the cost of the catechism and a copy of Holy Scripture)? With this program, you have only the annual cost of Luther’s Small Catechism and a Holy Bible. That’s it.

And, if you order in the next five minutes, you get A FREE SET OF GINSU KNIVES! (Not really, but I’ve always wanted to say that.)

What are you waiting for?

Head over to, and ORDER NOW.

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