Teach These Things: FAQ’s


Which version of the Catechism does Teach These Things use?
Whichever you choose. The text of the catechism is not included for that very reason. References in the text do use the 1986 CPH translation, but for learning by heart through recitation and memory work, any translation can be easily used.

What version of the Holy Bible does Teach These Things use?
There are some footnotes dealing with the ESV text (the same one used in LSB), but you can use any version you choose.

Really? Nothing more to buy ever?
Really. This is it. Of course, you need a copy of the catechism and the bible for each student, but there’s no other books from me. Buy it once, use it forever.

What payments do you take?

Gumroad (e-edition) takes all major credit cards.
Lulu takes all major credit cards, and Paypal.
If you would like to pay by check (e-edition only), send me a check for $19.99, and I will send you a CD with the e-edition on it. Be sure to include your address with the check.

Can I give a copy of Teach These Things to a friend who is interested and would like to see what’s in it?
We’d prefer if you direct him to the online samples. If he has any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

Is there DRM (Digital Rights Management) on Teach These Things?
In order to provide the best user experience, the author has NOT added any sort of DRM to the files. And since one of the topics covered is proper observance of the seventh commandment, he assumed that this would not be needed.
When you purchase Teach These Things, it is available for personal or congregational use. In those settings, do what you wish with it to make catechesis most effective.  If you think that giving away free copies willy-nilly without the author’s permission is acceptable, please see pages 29-31. If that does not convince you, then DRM would only slow you down, and annoy others.

What is the return policy?
Gumroad allows refunds. But since we have such a nice sample, and you know what you are getting, why would you want to?
Lulu only allows reshipment for damaged or defective merchandise.

I’m curious how Teach These Things covers a certain topic. Is there a way to find out before I buy?
Absolutely! Leave a comment and I will contact you via email.

I have a different question about Teach These Things. Can I ask it?
We’d love it if you did! Leave a comment, and we will either answer it, or contact you via email.

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