Teach These Things: Not Just for Pastors?

Luther2I received a very kind and unexpected note from a friend. He was one of the field-testers for Teach These Things, and he also put together the handouts which grace the second half of the book. He writes:

Congratulations on the release of the Catechesis — I do hope pastors give it a serious look. I also happen to think it might be a very nice purchase for any adult that wants to read the Large Catechsim as part of their personal studies. When the Treasury has the LC as its readings from the Confessions (beginning in Advent), it would be worth promoting your book as a guide the reading the LC.

I had not considered it before: producing the Large Catechism outlines as a stand-alone resource. I am pondering it, but I like them as they are: Joined to the scriptural background, and small catechism resources that are available in Teach These Things. This got me wondering about the possibility of doing a devotional version, with the Large Catechism outlines, bible readings, and brief meditations on the Small Catechism.

I continued pondering various different possibilities, and realized that I am now considering an entirely new and different work than the current one. That is, it would not be a matter of reformatting, it would be a matter of re-writing large sections. And with Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation promised for late 2015, I really need to sift my energies and devote time to that. (As well as continuing to devote time to my parish and my family).

But, at $19.99, Teach These Things is not that expensive. And although it wasn’t originally intended that way, Teach These Things can  be used for individual study of the catechism. The Large Catechism outlines can be used to help in understanding Luther’s Large Catechism, both when it comes up in the Treasury of Daily Prayer, and for regular reading of this hidden (and sometimes forgotten) gem of the church. The Scriptural and Catechism sections can help to better understand Luther’s simple words.

If you’re wondering whether it would be helpful to you, head on over to TeachTheseThings.wordpress.com and check out the samples. If you want more information, or have a question, leave me a comment, and I’ll email you with an answer.

And if you decide it would be helpful, you can purchase a copy for your personal use for only $19.99.

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