A Country Parson Has Issues…

I just finished an interview on Issues Etc. (my second!) with Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwartz. Thanks to both of them for the face time, and the plug for my book, “Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish”.

I love talking about the Small Catechism, and it was a great chance to talk about that, as well as my book.

And if you are here because of the interview, welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out the Teach These Things website.

I’d hoped to have them ready, but I’m still putting finishing touches on a couple of free downloads. One is the syllabus, in editable format. It will be uploaded by Friday, so you can see the entire course of instruction. The other – and the more exciting, in my mind, is the Examination Game Show! This is a free resource that, for various reasons, is not included in Teach These Things. But since this is an electronic resource, I will be having it available for FREE DOWNLOAD, so whether you want to order Teach These Things or not (Hint: You do!), you can have a copy of “Examination Game Show.”

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