Teach These Things: First Review

BJSThe first review of Teach These Things is in, over at Brothers of John the Steadfast. Pr. Daniel Hinton of Trinity, Cheyenne has written an excellent summary of what I have tried to do. You’ll want to read to the whole thing, but here is a snippet:

There is a great deal of wisdom in simply teaching from the catechism. After all, Luther’s Small Catechism was designed for the very purpose, and has served the Church well for 485 years… The advantage of “Teach These Things” was that one could do just that — teach from the Small Catechism — while using outlines from the Large Catechism to follow Luther’s thinking and to make sure each topic is covered thoroughly…

One of the gems for me was the hymn selected to accompany each lesson. I can’t play piano or organ or guitar or accordion or even bagpipes to accompany the hymns, so we sang them a capella. Our youth are immersed in a culture where the only time that singing is done socially is when it is accompanied by music so loud that no one can hear the singing (think rock concerts and clubs). If we Lutherans are to continue to be “The Singing Church,” we would do well to teach good hymns to our children and also be found singing them often. The hymn list for “Teach These Things” comes from the best of our heritage — no Methodist clunkers in the bunch!

I’m tempted to change the subtitle from “Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish” to “No Methodist Clunkers!” Maybe I’ll just leave it the way it is. Either way, head on over to Teach These Things, and download / order yours today!

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