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Sermon for Trinity 6

What? There’s no Gospel in the Gospel reading? Check the spare readings, see if they have any? The Epistle does? Let’s put it on and run with that one… This past week, our youth went to the Higher Things conference … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Afterlife (Do you mind if I call it that?)

A discussion has arisen regarding how we refer to the state of the Christian after death in this world. Do we say they have gone somewhere? If so, where? How do we refer to their soul? What happens in the … Continue reading

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Lutheran Purgatory: A Review

There have already been numerous excellent reviews of this timely book. Pastor Kornacki has done a masterful job dealing with a difficult subject, and much deserved praise has already been given to him for this. So my review will be … Continue reading

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Teach These Things: Days of Future Past

I recently added it up, and realized that it was five years ago when I first said to myself, “It would help me remember what I teach from year to year if I wrote some of this down.” The goal … Continue reading

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Confession and Absolution: Imperiled Treasure

The Anglican church in Australia recently approved allowing their priests to reveal sins confessed. As getreligion notes, this is hardly surprising, since Private confession in the Anglican world is not a sacrament, and was denounced as one of the abuses … Continue reading

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Sasse Class

I did a continuing education class last week on Herman Sasse, taught by the amazing John Pless. It was wonderful. The pure word of God, raining down on me for a whole week with practically no interruptions. I never realized … Continue reading

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